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brain --. tt romney is the king of the jungle, the thick maned super predator of the race. he is the republican's aslund. some good poking fun at republicans in their ability to raise money in this campaign fight. it's early fight, the early days yet. that's it for the "call." i'm kyra chetry. a blanket of stifling, steamy weather covers half of the country. as many as two dozen deaths blamed already and it's getting hotter. >> i'm ali velshi. looking to interview actor jude law who claims rupert murdoch's reporters hacked his cell phone in new york in 2003. if that's true, his media empire could be facing charges here in the united states on this "american morning."
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and good morning to you. boy, the temperatures, top story again. >> wow. >> sizzling heat, and most of the country right now is dealing with triple digits or at least feeling like triple digits. >> as we've been saying, not just uncomfortable, dangerous and deadly. welcome. friday, july 22nd. let's get right to it. intensely hot against across a huge portion of the country. it started in the midwest, it's come heeft. washington, the high, 103 today but it's going to feel like 115 with the humidity. triple digit temperatures are expected across the mid-atlantic, up and down the east coast and into the ohio valley and as many as 2,000 related deaths now reported. >> utilities around the country are bracing, asking you to conserve energy as people crank the ac. in new york, the power company said that store owners who leave
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their doors open could be fined. >> wow. trying to stay cool. match fn you're a polar bear in this heat? animals in the detroit zoo were treated to popsicles with frozen fishheads and fruit. >> sounds delicious. well, we could be in the middle of the hottest two-day span we've seen in this country since 1950. let's take a live look in central park, across the street from our studios. definitely a soupy looking area this morning. 101 degrees the high today in new york city. talk about the heat index, the "feels like" temperature, factor in humidity, as well as temperatures, 115 degrees. our susan candiotti is outside in the park right now. we're 6:00 in the morning. it already feels like a super hot and humid day. >> reporter: it is. the time and temperature sign, you know the time. the temperature, 85 degrees. that's how hot it was when i went to bed last night. so there you go. out here, despite that, you still see joggers out and people
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on bicycles. the idea, of course, keep cool whatever way you can, and in new york, you see people are trying to put up with the heat as best they can. it has been a scorcher for the last several days, and this weekend no changes expected. they are asking people to use their electricity, their air conditioning, the at least amount of time as possible, but good luck at times like these. you also see in the midwest, we've got -- you mentioned one of them, but there's a marquise for a theater in minnesota where they're advertising who cares what the movie is. we have a.k. come on in. y . in new york city, they opened a couple bowling centers for people that need extra help that can't afford air conditioning or where it's not working where people could go to cool off. that includes, oh, libraries and other places. community centers. where people can get some air conditioning and enjoy that. joining me now is a guy who's on his way to work, shannon.
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you work in an exercise studio. so are people coming more or less these days? >> i think people are coming about the same, because we are inside. we have lots of air conditioning and people get in their workout and still feel good. >> reporter: what are you telling people about how to keep cool? >> telling people, stay hydrated, stretch a little more. drink lots of water. coconut water is really good. generally stay hydrated and feel good and stay out of the heat. >> reporter: good advice for anybody. okay. coconut water. i'll remember that one. meantime, kyra and ali, we'll be out here watching my hair start to curl up in the humidity. >> if that lap, call me. i'm switch up. i don't have the curling issue. >> i don't know if you bring out your best. >> everything is relative. wearing this, there's -- the trick is, as you said, for people who don't have air conditioning where you can go to keep cool, but the thing we have to remember, susan, it's for places that do have air conditioning, we're now into brownout dangers in parts of the
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country. vap plan, if yhave a plan what to keep cool. >> reporter: a situation in new york because of the diesel fuel spill, some of the beaches -- the beach, open, but they're telling people not to go in the water. if you have that as one idea to go and cool off, you won't be able to do that either, ali. >> you're right. susan candiotti, thanks so much. vitamin water has a lot of good nutrients because of the potassium in the water. >> coconut water. >> right. sorry about that. you're thinking, why do i care? i have air conditioning. don't keep it on 68. it doesn't need to be as cool as normal. these system and grids are having a hard time. >> they really are. rob marciano is watching all this in the extreme weather center as well. i don't know what you can add except given the danger how hot it's going to be in these places. >> other arguments to not keep
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the thermostat so low, save you some money. an argument you're going to win, domestically, it's to raise the thermostat because you don't want to cause added strain on the lem trielectrical grid just temperatures alone, 106 in fort myth, a record for a number of days. elmira, upstate new york, syracuse set a record. newark, 103. detroit, michigan, at the sentry mark and a slew of other high temperatures as well. we point this out. this is dangerous stuff. heat-related fatalities are the number one reason we get fatalities from the weather. more than hurricanes and flooding, it's heat. a little dangerous. another couple of day, work you're way through it and take care of your neighbors. heat advisories out again today that includes chicago. although they'll be a cooling
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trend after today in chicago. there are 29 other states that are enduring heat advisories and wages and warnings and most along the i-95, heavily populated area, d.c., up through new york and now including boston. yesterday more of an onshore flow. if you went towards the beach or coastlines, you got cooler that way. not so much now that the winds shifted. tlup the day today, looking at temperatures feel they are over 100 degrees. tomorrow close to 100 in new york city and 105 in d.c. we'll start to feel a cooling trend beginning sunday and monday. the next two days are going to be hot. back to you. >> thanks so much, rob marciano. our question of the day, how do you stay cool when you're not in the ac? even though you enjoy air conditions in your homes or offices. then you've got to walk around in the subway. literally feels like you're walking through clay. >> car air conditioning, the subway is not. >> and descending the stair,
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feels like hot air. >> tell wlaus do you. tweet us, facebook. tell us what you do. we'd love to share it with other viewers. in the uk phone hacking chase could lead to criminal charges against news corporation here in the united states. the fbi reportedly plans to get in touch with jude law, the actor is suing rupert murdoch's media service saying they hacked his voicemail back in 2003 while at jfk's new york airport. if that's true and can be proven, federal prosecutors in america could step into the case. news corp. says law's claims have no foundation and plan to fight them. meantime, remember the 26-year-old comedian who hit rupert murdoch with a shaving cream pie during his testimony before parliament this week? he is scheduled to appear in a uk courtroom today. jonathan bowles charged with behavior causing harassment, alarm or distress in a public place. well, the closed door
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negotiations kicking into high gear now with just 11 days until the government -- the government has already reached its legal borrowing limit. 11 days until we start defaulting on payments. sources tell cnn president obama is trying to persuade democrats in packing a plan to cut spending immediately, cutting entitlements and raise revenue, but not until 2013. you listen to the white house, no deal to raise the debt ceiling by the august 2nd deadline. >> the fact is that there is no progress to report. we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package possible, because we believe that it's the right thing for the economy, and if done in the right and balanced way will be good for growth add good for job creation. >> okay. also today, the senate is expected to vote on the gop's so-called cut, cap and balance plan. it is not expected to pass. remember, even if it does, the president has said he will veto
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that. today the pennetagon is ready t take openly gay. once president obama endorses this, which he's expected to do, the controversial ban will be history in 60 days. a man arrested outside dodger stadium on opening day is reportedly off the hook. the lt. s"l.a. times" says he's responsible for an attack that took place there, but now two new suspects are under arrest. a father of two was beaten, almost killed in the stadium parking lot back in march. he suffered a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury and underwent another emergency surgery earlier this week. casey anthony's attorneys called 911 this week after getting several threatening phone calls at her home. jam ip mason, on the left, left
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a voicemail warning her husband and fellow attorney jose baez to sleep with "one eye open." police say someone posted the mason's phone number on facebook. a lot of things on this stuff, but that's -- it's it's when you hear about threatening of judges or judges under attack -- >> the justice system. everybody gets a lawyer and people got to get with the program. three city workers in massachusetts forced to resign after a disturbing drowning incident that went unnoticed for four days. they were on duty last month in fall river when a 36-year-old female swimmer drowned. investigators blamed cloudy water and said the pool never should have been open and in operation. close to three dozen schools in new jersey investigated for possible cheating on standardized tests. the state's department of education says it found a high number of incorrect answers replaced with correct ones at 34 schools. the report does not prove that cheating actually occurred, says the superintendent, but the
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incidents of erasers is higher than you typically would see. nfl owners taking the first step towards ending the lockout. they approved a new deal last night. players refused to vote on it. the lockout forced the league to cancel its first preseason game. supposed to be the hall of fame game taking place august 7th. outside of the talks later in the hour, explaining why the delay of the vote on the part ever the players. >> a couple days delay. yesterday we had that really cute kid in the stands who threw a fit when he didn't catch a foul ball but the fan in front of him did. check this out by a young fan in arizona. a player tossed the ball. the little boy catches it, drops it and somebody hands the ball to another boy. as he's running and and down the aisle celebrating, he realizes the other kid is crushed. what does he do? look down. he hands the kid the ball.
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>> oh. oh my god. that's the world's nicest kid. >> that is -- just the world's nicest kid. >> what a good guy. >> that's unbelieve al. when a break. >> when that kid caught the ball, the happiest kid in the ball. can you imagine him giving that ball away? great, great story. i don't know who you are, kid, but good on you. >> what a sweetheart. nice to know. >> yeah. >> good people in this world. up next on "american morning," governor rick perry of texas, he's not a candidate yet for president but a new poll suggests he's attracting a lot of attention from republicans. more details on that. he stood by tiger woods through it all. now steve williams, tiger's fired caddie, is talking, and he's not happy. also, a big las vegas headliner joining dozens of vegas showgirls to protest what some of the biggest hotels on the strip are charging guests. you're watching "american morning." it's 14 minutes past the hour. [ female announcer ] the healing power of touch
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morning." more republican eyes are firmly set on texas governor rick perry. they want him to run. he is looking at a run for the president. 14% of republicans pick perry as their first choice for the gop nomination. two points behind the leader, front-runner, mitt romney. looks fully declared and in the race. >> raising money for a long time. >> also another person not declared, giuliani. a lot of people would like to see him get in. then palin and bachmann. what is the plus or minus 4.5 percentage points in the poll, pretty tight race. >> yeah. one of the people who stood by tiger woods during the sex scandal. enough to the caddie is letting it all out after being fired earlier in the week. he was fired. stephen williams didn't go into why he was fired but did not hold back how he felt about it. >> oh, extremely disappointed.
3:18 am
given the fact that last night was a particularly difficult -- a new coach, swing change and, yeah, the last eight months have been very difficult and i've stuck with him through thick and thin, incredibly loyal, and then to have this happen. i mean, basically you could say i've wasted two years of my life. >> the sideline of the british open, took a fill-in job with another golfer. saying that was the reason for the split. i don't know enough about those relations. we're going to talk to phil mickelson later and we'll ask him about that. >> and think about it. also the highest paid caddie. $1.2 million in i think 2007, being a caddie for tiger woods. it's a lucrative job and you're a team, pretty much. amazing. and the annual pop culture convention. the comic-con convention. i remember when it was one of
3:19 am
the number one things trending on twitter. big events. >> i remember when innovation 13 -- >> no. but i know there are people, and that's why comic-con is so famous and popular that to do that. it's under way in san diego. kicked off yesterday. 125,000 fans a lot of them attending in full koss tulle. the guys fr s fros from "twilig" actors come to meet fans and also take part in panel discussions. a little country and a little showgirl. shut down part of the famous strip to protest resort fees charged at many las vegas hotels. they're not usually included in the advertised room rate. a gesture of solidarity with the american consumer. i should tell you, they were all -- it's all tied to one particular resort that doesn't charge resort fees. not sure if it was really a
3:20 am
protest as much as a -- >> made for quite a show. didn't it? >> yeah. pretty amazing. this right sheer pretty amazing. my ipad that's streaming cnn video live. just showing this. see that convention? there's the actors from "twilight." watch cnn live, available at let me show you, do it that way or if you have the app, flip on the app, go up to the live tv button. that. and then hit the show that's live. it comes up and it screens live. again, can you do this on your ipad. >> a wee delay. >> just a small delay on your iphone, and the service is currently available to about 50 million people who subscribe to certain cable providers. head to your website to see if your company is one of them, if so. it's free. coming up, the latest in a bizarre robbery trend is caught on tape. 21 minutes after the hour. .
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morning. u.s. stock features trading higher riding gains from yesterday. u.s. markets surged at the end of the trading day. the dow and nasdaq closed more than 1%, s&p a little under 1% for the day. progress talks pushed stocks higher. feels cautious ranging closer and closer to the dead ceiling deadline on august 2nd. european leaders meeting in brussels finally reach add deal. $157 billion u.s., how much the stock is worth. world markets are up overnight. wall street buzzing about more big earnings reports coming out in the next few hours. caterpillar, verizon, mcdonald's reporting earnings from the last quarter before it opens today. preparing subpoenas as part of the news corporation. the subpoenas would seek information about foreign bribery, alleged, and phone
3:25 am
hacking of september 11th victims here in the united states. u.s. taxpayers likely lost $1.3 billion in the bailout of cry lettechrysler. sold tofiat. part of the troubled asset relief program. "american morning" back, right after the break. where do you go to find a super business? you know, the ones who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the superguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or at®.
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28 minutes past the hour. your top stories this morning, the record-breaking heat we're talking about as the heat wave claims as many as two dozen lives across the country. excessive heat watches and warnings from the plains across the west coast to the east all the way up to massachusetts. feel like 115 degrees when you factor in the heat and humidity in some places today. >> there's a man drinking a lot of water. and jude law allegedly suing news corp. while he was in new york for hacking his cell phone. if that's true, lawyers could get involved in the united states. and the pentagon is expected to ready its, say it's ready to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy for good. once this repeal is certified by the pentagon, a full repeal would take place in 60 days. >> we're half-way there. last night nfl team owners
3:30 am
approved a new labor deal. the players haven't voted on it yet. >> now we have the first real casualty of the lockout. commissioner roger goodell announced that the august 7th hall of fame game has been cancelled. live in atlanta, talks making place. interesting. a couple days ago the popular wisdom this was going to happen. they were all but ready to sign a deal. what went wrong? >> reporter: well i don't think anything's gone wrong up to this point. the owners yesterday collectively, 31 of the 32 owners voted yes on the new deal. now the ball goes into the players' court per se. that's a 500-plus-page document they have to comb over and a document they didn't receive until late last night. one would think they're going to need at least all day today and maybe a few more days to comb over it. as of yesterday, late last night, owners agreed to this new deal under a couple of conditions. one, that the players become a players' union once again and, two, that the players vote yes
3:31 am
on this deal. those two conditions, they'll have until tuesday to do that. the owners say it's not a perfect deal, but it's an unprecedented one a lucrative one and a deal that will get football back on the field on time. >> at the end of the day, you do get roughed up, and i don't mean that physically, but do you get roughed up up, and that's what the negotiation is about. we didn't get the amount of ground we could get to on some of these things but i do know we did some things that will help grow this league. >> allows for stability of the sport. the sport is already so popular. this allows us to just worry about football for the next ten years. how to grow the sport, how to make it safer, how to make it more fun. >> all right. so the players will look over this 500-page-plus document today. this new collective bargains agreement that the owners say is right for them. if the players vote on this
3:32 am
today and they vote yes, team facilities would open as early as tomorrow morning. training camp would begin as early as wednesday. which means the august 11th first preseason week would be on time and this september 8th first regular season game would also be on time, but things can happen, as we've seen in the last four months. i put it out like this. imagine these two sides being a married couple shopping for a house. found the property, but are negotiating over the countertops, carpet and cabinets. small details, but details that could derail the entire thing. guys? >> i'm curious. seems that at least some members are represented by players association says the players approval of the deal was far from certain. then you have some of the more vocal players tweeting about this which is interesting. one saying these are things that, provisions were included that were never agreed upon by the players. >> reporter: we understand a lot of the big principle, big financial principles have been
3:33 am
agreed upon. it's some of the smaller issues that need coped over. they'll have until tuesday to come to agreement, to recertify or reconstitute as a union as well. over the next course of the next three or four days, they'll be able to decide whether or not this agreement is good for both sides. we're hearing a lot of speculation at this point coming from all different sides. think about it like this. they're on the 5 yard line way few yards to go to score a touchdown and get football back on the field on time. a lot of people want to get this deal done. there may about few issues both sides don't agree on, the end of the day, the bigger picture is putting football back in play. >> thanks very much, joe carter. more bloodshed in the fourth largest city in syria. about ten people killed yesterday. communications cut off. medical workers cannot get to the wounded. the white house once again kaling on presidekale i calling on president assad to stop killing his own people. and kicked open the cash
3:34 am
register and went straight for the hair. police in the bay area looking for hair thieves. hair divas, from india, women cut off. used to make high-end wigs and weaves. the hair can go to big buck on the black market. 16 vegetarian customers sue for mistakenly serving them meat. the group ordered vegetable is a moes samosis and got meat samosis instead. the group is trying to recover the cost of the trip to india where they dipped themselves in the gaungese river to cleanse their souls because of eating the meat. >> if i were asitic i would say they're suing for the cost of their trip. >> let me say one thing, because i love -- you can tell with the first bite whether it's a vegetable or meat -- >> first bite, say, hold on,
3:35 am
guys. >> this is not the -- because it's literally, huge chunks of ground up lamb. a little different than potatoes and peas. >> yeah. coming up next on "american morning," interviewing for a job? be careful which post on facebook, we'll talk to the head the company that does social media background checks for prospective employees. >> fascinating. friends posts pictures of you doing tequila shots? they see that, too. and 35 minutes past the hour.
3:36 am
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3:38 am
a group in chicago, kids under the age of 12 have to be off the streets by 9:30 p.m. >> sounds reasonable. they're under 12. out past 9:00 out on the streets? >> passed by the public works committee. they're on board with it. the idea, however, is getting a mixed reaction from parents. >> a lot of things happen at
3:39 am
night that goes wrong for kids that's 12 years old or younger even 18 and under. i think that it's good to do. >> are we going to be penaliz g penalizing, you know, our children from enjoying the summer months? you know, are kids going to be able to play in front of their house, where they live? >> the full city council votes on the proposal next week. strikes me as one of those things that could have ways of accommodating. in other words, around your house or something like -- with a distance of your parents. a way to figure that out. >> drug tests, affecting the hiring process. now company, taking it a step further and actually conducting social media check on job candidates. >> a california company called social intelligence which proips a service, combing the web for tell tales signs of a risky hire. the companies president and ceo joins us now. max, thanks for being with us. >> welcome.
3:40 am
>> first of all when fis use your services to check out potential hires does the potential hire know that that's happening? >> yes. absolutely. the job applicant gives consent like they would for a criminal background check or screening. >> is it specifically social media or just -- >> specifically for social media as well. we require a specific language for the application. >> what do you do as a company that's different from just a potential employer googling somebody to find out or check on their facebook pages? >> so some 80% or more employers are doing some form of google today. when they're doing so, they're exposing themselves to all kinds of things that aren't legally allowable for hiring. things that are federally protected. additionally when an employer does that google screen, it's going to be very hard for them to be fair and consistent in their hiring practice. >> how does employing you to check on them ensure that the company doesn't do things that
3:41 am
are illegal and yet finds things that are signs of risky behavior? by the way, what are the signs you're looking for? >> we only search for employer criter criteria. examples, racist remarks, illegal activities such as drug use, potential violent behavior. actually photos and videos of what we specifically look for. anything else that doesn't fall into that, into those categories, we don't get reports on. employers are never exposed to anything that doesn't fall into those categories. >> interesting. you found out about somebody purchasing oxycontin on craigslist one of the things you found. how do you obtain that type of information? >> so, the available information, these things that people specifically put into the internet and make that publicly available. >> somebody posted it somewhere that they've bot oxycontin? >> it's pretty hard to believe. i tell you. the stuff that we see, it's -- >> so you're not -- not like
3:42 am
you're acting as an exchange between somebody from a personal e-mail? you want to sell me some oxycontin. >> not at all. we're doing screening. everything is publicly available. >> people these days when they share pictures and information and inadvertently share other people's information if you're posting pictures of yourself to a publicly shared site like a facebook, how do you know how much risk you're exposing yourself to and what could potentially not get you hired or help get you hired? >> a broad range of areas. unfortunately, some employers do use things that potentially aren't relevant or potentially illegal in their hiring. >> pictures of somebody at a lot of parties -- >> things like that that may not be relevant. we dent do that. we only report on that specific criteria, and nothing else. but certainly i would advise and recommend, use your discretion and certainly look out there and if there's some chance an employer may make -- you should
3:43 am
probably -- >> that's a different issue. not something you specialize in but made a point that interests me. the reason companies employ you, they could get into legal trouble for hiring or not hiring somebody. what's right or wrong? something you can't be involved in in a report from a company that's hired you? >> two things. exposed themselves to information that's fairly protected. race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation. military. >> you can establish those from someone's facebook postings? >> often a picture, a profile. at the top. when we generate a report, we redact. block out any of those categories. the employer is never exposed -- >> in an interview employers can tell ing things about you. your race, for example. interesting, people put so much information about themselves out
3:44 am
there publicly we are either surprised or concerned that that information is then going by potential employers? >> absolutely true. on the race side that may be something that could prevent a person getting an interview. other area, like sexual orientati orientation, they should be protected from those things which we have a lot. >> have we seen instances, companies that don't get in trouble? they found out about something in a protected area by their own searching and that gets challenged in court? or are we that new in this it hasn't really happened that way? >> it's new. the allegations of discrimination beginning to pile up. as we're in a tough economy and people are getting rejected, an area, you didn't hire me because you saw -- or that i was a single mom and didn't want to hire me as a result of that. that single mom is protected by what we do, because that will never be exposed from us and we
3:45 am
specifically advise them to use us, and not do that. >> and you've been employed because of this discussion? >> yeah we give them the information. >> thanks for joining us this morning. 45 after the hour. a check of the morning headlines right after the break.
3:46 am
3:47 am
47 minutes after the hour. a record heat wave across country. power companies warning they may be pushed to the limit. perhaps rolling brownouts and people try to stay cool. the fbi plans to interview jude law. the actor is suing news corp. claiming that rupert murdoch's "news of the world" tabloid hacked his phone while at newark's airport. and may be off the hook. may have gotten the wrong person. the "l.a. times" reporting there are two new arrests in the case of the beaten baseball fan. and the lockout continues.
3:48 am
players have not yet signed it. and the pentagon expected to announce later today that it is set to clarify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. a full repeal would then take place in 60 days. taking you to the strip. las vegas showgirls marching to protest caesar hotel's no fees policy. many vegas hotels charge guests hidden resort fees. 48 minutes past the hour. caught up in the day's headlines, "american morning" is back right after this. will carter always love making people laugh. as a child he dreamed of becoming a comedian. if would you have asked him at 17, he would have said his biggest obstacle was fear of failure's that changed with a horrific car accident. >> they had to remove part of his skull because the brain was
3:49 am
swollen. in a coma about three weeks. driving home i thought, oh, my goodness, my son's got a brain injury. does he have a future? >> you need somebody to pick you up tonight or are you going to -- >> reporter: after years of physical therapy, will did recover but lost a lot of his independence. he couldn't drive. and he had to depend on his parents to give him rides, even rely on friends. he had to put his dreams on hold. >> i love -- there's no energy in this world like being onstage. >> will didn't give up. determined to overcome his brain injury with help like this. an electronic driving coach. alerts you so you don't get distracted. >> do your best to plan ahead. >> reporter: and the driving instructor, will has learned to drive again. >> i tend to be a daydreamer.
3:50 am
get distracted. that's why it's good to have michelle in the car cueing me, or when she's not cueing me -- >> reporter: it's taken over a year of practice. today he's driving alone with just the device at his side. >> it's really awesome to have that independence. to be able to just have control of my life, to feel like an adult. >> reporter: and he's bag onstage performing stand-up comedy and going to graduate school to share with others the joy of making people laugh. >> i think i know where all of this is coming from. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good.
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3:52 am
a los angeles judge ordering lindsay lohan to get cracking to complete her court ordered community service in time. she's got to get it done. >> all right. >> a condition of her probation for shop lifting a necklace from a jewelry store last year. the judge says she will not give lohan five minutes more than the one year she has to do it and she was told to begin psychological counseling. even the whales love betty white. made a huge slash swimming with a whale named beethoven. >> just tell the story. >> oh, come on. whatever. love that whale. >> the actress and animal lover
3:53 am
was there last year and devoted an entire chapter to the whale in a new book. the georgia aquarium is naming its dolphin mascot bet any hcot honor. she's been an animal activist for years. >> whatever. i don't know much about that. the wildly popular game "angry birds." have you played it? >> i played it but don't get why it's so -- people are so into it. >> it's getting up to 1 billion fans. sights set on a billion users. hit the milestone of a billion. the gamemaker is rolling out new toys, a board game, books and an animated series. here's a fun stat. players have won more than 100 billion birds, more than exist in the entire world. on ipad, i'm not sure how all of those franchise extensions work.
3:54 am
waiting for a plane and -- you know, it is kind of fun, though. it's all physics to me. you figure out how to, the trajectory the bird to do the most damage to the pigs. >> yes. >> i hope any of you have played this, otherwise, this must sound like the strangest conversation. >> and sound like one of the strangest conversation -- you've heard of planking. it's basically, you lie face down and it's pretty weird. and sometimes you do it in dangerous places. >> looks like lying down. jay is doing it. one of our floor directors. >> pulling out all the stops. >> he's actually holding himself up. his head is on one chair, feet on the other. actually got core strength to do this. that looks like exercise. >> back to him. >> he's still doing -- >> shaking using all of his core muscles. you know, i've never seen a person who wears a different aerosmith t-shirt every time.
3:55 am
>> went to 100 concerts of aerosmith. great guy. i don't get these picture, people lying on a soccer field. is that just lying down? >> no. that's planking. let me tell you, if you are a trendsetter, two months ago owling is now a huge rage. so here's how do you it. you pick a spot and then you crouch like an owl. we also have one of our floor crew willing and ready to do this. rob, owling, right next to phil. this is -- wait. guess what he's wearing -- >> sitting. >> he's actually on the table that we leave coffee for our guests in the green room. that's wonderful for the next few people that have to come in here later today. including phil mikeckelsomickel >> robbal doing's doing a great. does that help with leg strength? put it on your facebook? >> yes. find the oddest place to owl.
3:56 am
the oddest place to do planking or something amazing in the background like the brooklyn bridge. >> when in your life do you just start to feel like an old man? life passed you by and you don't get what the kids these days are doing? right now is this moment. you're sharing it with me. >> we're going to take a quick break and see if i can get ali to owl before the end of the show. >> no. 50 seconds before the top of the hour. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen. i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time,
3:57 am
be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing every day, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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3:59 am
the heat is on, but the power may not be. moving into the east this morning, utility companies are nervous. they are warning they may not be able to deliver in this record-breaking heat. and do they have the wrong guy? a new report, the man suspected of beating up a man on opening day in l.a. may be off the hook. and news corp. versus jude law. saying his phone was hacked on u.s. soil by "the news of the world." now the fbi wants to hear from him. what that could mean for the american wing of rupert murdoch's empire. i've stuck with him through thick and thin, been incredibly loyal. basically you could say i've wasted two years of my life.
4:00 am
>> the breakup of tiger woods's caddie. this caddie is teed off on this "american morning." a good, hot friday morning to you. that is a view of new york city. it is soupy, muggy, 87 real degrees out there, but the real feel when you kick humid sbi account is 98. we don't have the worst of it. it is really hot. ali velshi. >> i'm kiran chetry. a lot going on. talking about the intensely hot weather again stretching across a huge portion of the country and a deadly heat wave started in the midwest spread east. places like washington today, 103 degrees but it will feel upwards of 115. triple digit temperature, expected across the mid-atlantic, up and down the east coast and in the ohio valley. as many as two dozen heat-related deaths have now been reported. >> kiran mentioned a moment ago, across the country, begging you
4:01 am
to conserve. warning rolling blackouts as people crank the ac. electricity cannot be stored. they have to provide as much as anybody needs. 7,000 lost power in chicago during this heat wave. in new york the power company says store owners who leave their doors open could be fined. rob marciano's tracking this for us in the extreme weather center. what do you got? >> you saw some of that video of people drinking water and pouring water over their heads. that's helped. because the humidity is so high, sweating. your body's way of cooling things off. evaporative cooling. when it's so hot outside, that sweat doesn't evaporate. that's how you overheat. warnings and advisories for these states including parts of the midwest. they'll see a bit of a break today and through tomorrow. until then, the new york city area, the 95 corridor, dressed up in pink and dangerously hot. we say it and mean it. because heat-related death, the number one cause for weather-related fatalities is
4:02 am
the heat. you saw it. as long ago as 2003 in chicago. in modern day, it happens. take care of yourselves an look after your neighbors as well. the record highs we saw yesterday. 106 in fort smith. upstate, elmira, 104. toledo, ohio, 102. 100 degrees yesterday's high in detroit and, again, these don't include humidity in their measurements. including the humidity you get that heat index, what we're seeing. at least 94, whatfeels like, 7:00 a.m. in new york city. 95, feels like in philadelphia. these numbers are going much, much higher. updates and the same deal tomorrow. the heat eventually breaks on sunday. guys? >> hang in there and try to do all you can to stay cool. thanks, rob. could be in the middle of the hottest span since 1950. a live look across the street. our street. >> central park. right across the road and that's
4:03 am
how soupty is out there. >> a high of 101 with the heat index it will feel more like 115 degrees. our susan candiotti, a real trooper, outside in the park right now. and some concerns with some of the local power companies about the potential of having some sort of disruption in service. hopefully that won't be the case, but there are concerns today. >> reporter: many of them. that's why in the city of new york there are at least 200 c l cooling centers the office of emergency management opened up so people who need extra help. mayor their air conditioning isn't working or they don't have it, they have some place to go. locations like community senior citizens' centers or libraries where they can take a break. a quick look at the top. the temperature sign. cnn sign. it says 85 degree. i'm not sure i believe that. it feels much hotter than that, because the air is thick with humidity it feels like soup. you can cut it with a knife. out here, despite the heat, we have a group of people here for
4:04 am
a summer run, and let's talk to a couple of them. now, i don't know. with the heat index being so high, in the 90s, why are you running on a day like this? >> well, it's great to see heidi working with aol. they work with my company. and it's great to come out. >> reporter: website lifestyles. what concerns do you have about the heat? >> keeping hydrated. making sure i drink a lot of water and we have a lot of people looking out for us and making sure we're able to keep up with her in the run and stape hydrated. just go out and have a great run. there's a nice breeze. something we should definitely enjoy with her. >> that certainly helps. thank you very much for joining us today. it's one -- seeing a lot of joggers out here. people who sap they are used to it so they think they can make it through the day. and they're just drinking plenty of water to get through it all. if i can borrow a line from our engineer vick who said, what's known as the big apple.
4:05 am
today it's the baked apple. i liked that one. back to you guys. >> aol owned by the same company we are. i have to tell you, heidi from aol needs to change her plans today. heidi needs to go into some place with air conditioning. i cannot think of anything more ridiculous than going on a run in central park right now. >> tell what you else, there are people who don't change their plans. i have a friend, we're playing tennis today. people don't get it. i mean, it is -- it is enough to make you ill. doesn't matter how healthy you are. >> all right. good. susan, excellent reporting on folk whose don't seem to be paying attention to the fact it is one of the hottest days. susan candiotti. i got 0 to meet hide fri aoeidi taking people out for a run. we want to know how you stay cool when you're not in the ac.
4:06 am
here are some responses. >> donna, wet the hair down, wear a towel soaked with water around the neck and stay in the air if at all possible. >> your hair down, at work, next thing you know -- >> i have an advantage over most of you right now. >> you're nice and cool. asking about ali's outfit. it's linen. thanks for caring. william writes, lots of beer and ice in my cooler. >> a plan. >> keep your comments coming. send an e-mail a tweet. tell us on facebook. we'll read your thoughts a bit later. after the jude law phone hacking case, could be criminal charges against "news of the world" here in the united states. the actor is suing rupert murdoch's empire claims "the news of the world" hacked his voicemail in 2003 while at new york's jfk airport. if that happened, federal prosecutors in america could step into the case. law's claims have no foundation, say "news of the world" and they plan to fight them in court.
4:07 am
surprise developments in the man who beat a fan and almost killed him outside dodger stadium on opening day. a father of two suffered a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury underwent another emergency surgery in fact earlier in the week. now the "l.a. times" is reporting a man arrested for this beating back in may may be off the hook. in fact, it may have been a case of mistaken identity. two new suspects were taken into custody. nfl owners taking the first step towards ending a lockout, approving a new deal last night, players refused to vote on it. >> now the casualty, cancellation the hall of fame game. roger goodell announcinged that would be cancelled, set for august 7th. joe carter, cnn newscaster, live in atlanta where stalks are tta taking place. >> reporter: you said it. 31 of the 32 owners yesterday in atlanta agreed a new collective bargaining agreement.
4:08 am
an agreement that's unprecedented, that's going to last ten years and the most lucrative the nfl has ever seen, but an agreement would get football back on the field on time. here's commissioner roger goodell. >> approved an agreement negotiated with the players this afternoon, in addition to approving that agreement we also approved a supplemental revenue sharing system for the next ten years. hopefully we can all work quickly, expeditiously and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. that is what everybody here wants to do. >> reporter: so it's a deal that the players are not sure they want yet. we know the owners want it. the players will have today, tomorrow, actually until tuesday to comb over a 500-page-plus document a new agreement putting football into place starting september 8th and the first regular season game.
4:09 am
they've got to vote on it, agree it and recertify it as a union before anything can happen. guys? >> joe carter in atlanta covering those -- the next stage of what the players end up doing. coming up next on "american morning," president obama is said to be pushing a new debt deal while some republicans insist it's no big deal if we don't raise the debt ceiling. we'll break down what will happen if this doesn't happen. and talking about tiger woods and his caddie's breakup, and the caddie's not holding back. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans
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do me a favor. don't change the channel. i know it's tough to keep on talking about this debt stuff but you need good understanding. i'll try to showy with pictures. august is when this becomes really important. last year in august the government took in $194 billion from the whole month and spent $342 billion in the whole month and had a shortfall of $14 billion. that's just that much. some months let, some months
4:13 am
more. bottom line, we always spend more than we take in. look at projections for this august. last year, took in $194 billion, now more. $172 billion and we're putting less money out this august. ups 3ds 06 billion. looking for the month of august at a shortfall of $134 billion. okay. that's one month. now i want you to look at two very specific dates. august 2nd, the date we run out of money to pay all of our bills on on august 3rd, the next day after the debt ceiling whether raised or not we take in $12 billion. i don't know what's left from august 2nd. say we start with a blank slate,s 12ds billion. payments over $20 billion in social security payments that day adding up to a total outgoing of $32 billion. the shortfall on august 3rd, hard to do the calculations, basically, august 3edrd about $20 billion short.
4:14 am
the next important date after august 3rd, dates like this all the way along, august 15th, a very important date's take in $22 billion have to pay out $41 billion, because interest on bonds becomes due that day. here, you can shortchange americans with social security. here shortchanging those with bonds. $19 billion shortage. that's the problem. somebody has to choose what you pay for, what you don't. go through the list. pay interest. that's money you owe. social security. got to pay medicaid. let's look at a few other one. veterans affairs. you want to pay for that. how about insurance? military. choose that. federal salary, if you don't want the federal government to shut down and what about internal revenue service refunds for people owed money? still below the amount of money we have to pay out. what's the big one? look at this one. defense spenders. wars going on. pay the defense weapons, and already over the limit. by the way, we're over the limit
4:15 am
without having paid food and nutrition assistant, housing and development, tuition assistance to kids, education. a lot of ways to do this. we get this from the center i'm going to talk to you about in a second. you can go on and look at the various choices you want to make. by the way, another category of $74 billion. okay. so this is what i want to talk about now with jay powell, he was a former treasury under secretary under president george h.w. bush, a visiting scholar with the bipartisan policy center which gave us these number. jay, you've run the number. you and your group has run the numbers many different way. what happens in your mind on august 3rd? >> first of all, we don't think that there will be a default on our debt. we think the interest will always be paid first. that's the way it has to be. we have no choice but to default on our debt. half the other payments can't be made in the month of august, and on certain days it's worse. the after temperature in washington might be 70. today's 100.
4:16 am
if the average day is 50/50, you showed august 3rd. a whole loss worst than 50/50. a calamity on the first day of a the deadline expires. >> short of trying to illustrate, somebody in the treasury department or somebody somewhere will have to start making choices like this, because if everything can't get paid they've got to decide what does get paid. the other day the fed chairman, ben bernanke, whether or not, everybody says you got to pay interest to keep your credit rating good, but the credit markets don't look at it that way. they think if you miss anything, that's default? >> well, that's a labeling thing. i think our creditors, our debt creditors would understand and should understand we will service our debt. that doesn't mean interest rates won't go up and we won't get downgraded. the real problem, in the economy, where you're cutting $134 billion over the course of four week, 10% of gdp, it's a huge negative shock to the economy and a lot of people aren't getting benefit checks and that sort of thing. >> when we talk about the idea
4:17 am
of being downgraded, some people think is tolerable in order to get the budget mess under control. it's a lesson. it will teach us to really get our budget under control. what are the consequences to the average american of the u.s. stellar aaa credit rating being downgraded? >> the consequences appear over time in the form of higher interest rates which will play into the mortgages. mortgage payments and car payments and interest rates, and photograph frankly into the broader economy. setting back the economy, higher interest rates and all this turmoil. you won't see good economic growth but a blow to the economy because of this downgrade if it happens, which seems it will. >> you are a group of people constantly briefing congressional leaders on this. you've been doing this a few times. do you get a sense that they know this? >> yes. certainly the leadership level across both parties on both sides of the hill, uniformly, they get it, that we really should not as a country fail to raise the debt ceiling by august 2. it's just a terrible failure of
4:18 am
government nance if governance. down into the caucus, it's grown dramatically in the last three, four week. i won't strictly point to our presentation but lots of presentations have been made that have opened people's eyes on that subject. >> jay good to talk to you. former undersecretary of the treasury, and the visiting scholar with a very helpful bipartisan policy center. kiran? >> ali, thanks. one of the few he'll who stood by tiger woods during the sex scandal. >> now his former caddie is letting it all out after being fired by woods earlier in the week. steve williams didn't go into the why, why he was let go, but didn't hold back about how he felt about that decision. >> extremely disappointed. given the fact that the last months have been a particularly difficult time, woods through a scandal, a new coach, a swing change and the last eight months have been very difficult and i've stuck by him through thick and thin and been incredibly
4:19 am
loyal and then, you know, to have this happen. i mean, basically, could you say i've wasted two years of my life. >> well, woods was sidelined at the british open, steve williams took a fill-in job with another golfer. "golf week" says that was the reason for the split. still to come on "american morning," expected to remove one of last obstacle preventing gays from openly serving in the military. new details how the plan will take effect. it's 19 minutes past the hour. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
4:20 am
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22 minutes after the hour. "minding your business" this morning the progress in the debt ceiling talks in washington pushed markets higher yesterday afternoon. investors are feeling cautious
4:23 am
going into today's trading session as we're inching closer and closer to that august 2nd debt ceiling deadline. european leaders reaching a deal for a second bailout package for greece late yesterday. $157 billion u.s. dollars, that's how muched plan is worth. news of the agreement pushed u.s. stocks higher and world markets were higher overnight as a result as well. verizon reported strong earnings for the last quarter. earlier this morning, general electric announced its earnings beat wall street's expectations as well. caterpillar and mcdonald's also expected to report before the opening bell at 9:30. the justice department reportedly preparing subpoenas as part of its investigation of news corporation. the "wall street journal" owned by news corp. reports the subpoenas would seek information about the alleged phone hacking of september 11th victims here in the u.s. and other issues related to the scandal. u.s. taxpayers likely lost $1.3 billion in the bailout of chrysler. the treasury department says it sold its last stake to fiat for
4:24 am
more than half a billion dollars. this marks the end of the 2009 bailout part of the troubled asset relief program for t.a.r.p. "american morning's" back right after this break. over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around.
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we're actually -- a new way of telling temperatures today, because it's not necessarily just what it says. right now it says it's fair and 85 degrees as we look at a shot of the white house. it actually feels like 93 already in washington because of humidity. a bit later it's going up to a temperature of 104. when you factor in the humidity it's going it feel like 120 degrees in washington, d.c. today. >> don't ask, don't tell coming to an end. today the pentagon is expected to announce the end of a ten-year policy no longer nee d needed. what does the word certification mean? >> reporter: you'll hear that throughout the day. it's important to know what that
4:28 am
mean. what this means is the president, the secretary of defense, leon panetta, and the chairman of the joint chiefs mike mullen later today are expected to certify to capitol hill that the military's ready to go, to finally lift this ban on gays serving openly in the united states military. they are expected to make this notification to congress. what it means is, that the military has trained its people, that it's rewritten the regulations. it has to rewrite, and that it ask tell congress that recruiting and readiness and retention of people in the military will not be impacted by lifting this ban. what an advocacy is applauding this morning, i want to read you what service members united is saying about this. they're saying, "we are glad to see just three weeks into his tenure at secretary of defense, panetta, she already confidence that this policy change can take
4:29 am
place with little or noty rupgs to military readiness." that's what certification is all about. what will happen next after congress is notified later today, a 60-day rating period, still 60 days and then it will be gone once and for all, but, still, plenty of controversy ahead with questions over spousal benefits. whether same-sex marriages are civil unions, can be performed in military chapels. still a lot of things to iron out. ali, kiran? >> thanks. and record heat, claiming as many as two dozen lives across the country. excessive heat warnings from the plains to the midwest and now the east coast. power companies across the country are warning they are overloaded. >> new information coming out about that fiery bus crash in upstate new york. a tractor trailer collided with the bus, police say, on the new york state throughway around 1:30 this morning. this happened west of syracuse, new york. 50 people were on the bus at the time of the crash.
4:30 am
15 were taken to nearby hospitals pap u.s. soldier was in a car behind the accident and he actually helped pull passengers out of the bus while it was still burning. and today the senate is expected to vote against the republican cap and balance plan at the same time president obama is tryi ining to persuade democ to back the plan that could cut $3 trillion in federal deficits over the next ten years. that plan would also start to boost revenue in 2013. that, to some people, means tax increases. nfl owners are ready for some football. they approved -- ali's pen just broke -- late last night. players refused to vote on it. >> an analogy. all right. the league announced the lockout forced it to cancel its first preseason game, the hall of fame game, supposed to take place on august 7th. getting close to disrupting games that actually count. joining us now, a senior investigative reporter for
4:31 am
"sports illustrated." john, being a reporter of the story, we keep hearing a deal is imminent, about to happen, it's going to happen. tell us what you know. >> we're near the goal line, i don't think we're quite there, but we've come a long way. this has been characterized by postures and sabre rattling the whole time. we're awfully close. these sides have both compromised. we may miss a preseason game, but eventually i think a deal gets done. >> players aren't voting on the deal yesterday. things thrown in at the last minute by owners that weren't agreed to. what are their remains hangups? >> the big one that they reformulate at a union. they decertified. they're technically not a union. no opt out, ten years. you better really like what you're getting. i think -- talked to a player from the ravens, it's like getting a new car. agree on the price but we want to look at it, have it inspected. we're not just going to take the price and sign off and hope everything works. >> one of the tweets kiran was
4:32 am
referring to, one player saying, there's things we simply didn't agree to. is that some posturing and sabre rattling? other things -- >> from the newer saints rivers and evans, been more vocal. saying these were never agreed upon provisions. >> a minor provision that still needs worked out. injury comp claims. remember, this is salve splitting a $9 billion pie. the rest of the details not to be overlooked, glossed over, but this mostly an revenue. remember, too, there are different layers of this. the executive k349 committee, the general membership. i think players will read this, and say, we need to get back to work. a few more days to going. >> september 8th, the first game of the season, football open. are you confident we'll see games on september 8th? >> pretty confident. how big this league is, preseason worth $800 million. >> cancelled august 7th game
4:33 am
already. >> i do think the regular seize been start on time. >> meantime, how about the nba strike? still deal wig that and pro basketball as well. any chance owners and players might look at this nfl agreement and work this out? very different issues? >> big difference between splitting a $9 billion pie where two, three-fourths of the owners claim to be losing money. >> talking nba. >> different situation. yeah. football players don't have anywhere else to go. nba players have leverage. a lot of them investigating playing overseas. fans say, look, the football guys figure it out, why can't you? i think basketball is a nudmuch different story? >> more complicated? >> much more complicated. >> we'll see come september. >> good to see you. senior writer, "sports illustrated." more than a dozen cocktail waitresses in atlantic city say they were fired because they didn't fit into their skimpy new uniforms and now they want the casino to ante up. it's 33 minutes past the hour.
4:34 am
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i can't escape it no mat wrer i go.
4:37 am
the other city i live in. philadelphia. sun any philadelphia. 86 degrees. wish it weren't so sunny. that's the temperature. feels like 97. later on, 103 and what it's going to feel like because of humidity, 115. i can't catch a break. atlanta, philadelphia and new york. way too hot. you know what i'm doing? >> moving to san diego? >> for the weekend. going to toronto. >> smart. what are they doing up there? >> celsius. >> you don't fit the uniform -- like that's it. it's only 30. >> yeah. >> feels cooler when you say it's 30. >> what several cocktail waitresses are claiming, told they had to switch to skimpier costumes, you know, to be in this casino that sort of had a speakeasy theme. flappers from the 1920s and say, look, that's just not fair. jason carroll is here this morning. refused to wear the outfits. when they did, they lost their jobs because they didn't look good enough in them. >> not only that, a humiliating experience which they had to go
4:38 am
to a photo shoot when given dresses that were too small to fit. that's part of it as well. representatives from the resorts casino in atlantic city say they have a right to update the image. several cocktail servers say betting on youth isn't the fair or legal way to do it. >> remember what it was like when somebody else upstair liked you? >> reporter: 40 years ago, flight attendants back then called sticall stewa stewardesses to be young and single. >> devastated. i just think it was so demeaning. >> reporter: marie stewart and these other women used to work at cocktail servers at resorts casino in atlantic city new new owners decided to dress servers in skimpy getups to keep in step
4:39 am
with a soaring flappers theme. >> you don't meet the requirements. >> reporter: after auditioning, several other servers say they were fired. >> two sizes too small. ied to them i took a size 6. they gave me 2. purposely made us look bad. >> reporter: all of you in good shape and attractive. i don't understand what really the issue is here. >> it's age. >> it's age. >> age. >> it was age. >> reporter: the women say resorts casino should ante up, suing for age and sex discrimination. >> employees must not be discriminated in employment in any way because of a stereotype of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like. >> reporter: the union representing the women says most of their replacements are nearly 20 years younger. >> i've never seen anything like this. this takes the women's movement back 50 years. it's outrageously disgusting. >> reporter: resorts representatives decline to be
4:40 am
interviewed but issued a statement saying it acted with the law adding the selection process was conducted in a fair and objective manner. we empathize with the cocktail service who lost their jobs and gave them open preference at other resorts. >> what would you say to owners of resorts and management at the resorts casino? >> everybody's going to get older and if you allow this to happen, they're going to keck you to the curb, too. >> reporter: there are a number of atlantic city casinos struggling to purn profits over the years. pressure hear been put on many to re-invent themselves. so the women suing the resorts say they are simply the victims of that. >> this whole business offered other positions did they speak to that? >> good point. yes, they did. they were offered other positions at the casino. these women say they've been cocktail servers soar long, that's what they have a right to continue doing. >> any other question, a legal sense whether or not they have a real case here? >> listen to gloria allred, they
4:41 am
have a case there. on the flip side, think resorts casino says, we acted withes law. offered other positions here at the casino and they didn't want to do that. i think there is an argument on both sides. you know, speak to these women, there are a lot of women's groups out there who say, when you've given a dress that's two sizes too small. >> humiliating, right. >> definitely the key to this whole thing. went out of their way to make these women not look right in these outfits. >> right. >> thank you. >> you bet. morning headlines next, plus he stole the show at the super bowl. remember the mini darth vad jer now battling lawmakers on thrill. we'll talk to him, hope he brings the outfit in on a cnn exclusive coming up. it's 41 minutes after the hour.
4:42 am
4:43 am
44 minutes pacht the hour.
4:44 am
a record heat wave claiming as many as two dozen lives across the country. power companies warning they may be pushed to limit as people try to stay cool in these triple digit temperatures. nfl owners approving a new labor deal. the lockout continues. players have not yet signed on and the first preseason game of the year has now been cancelled. the "l.a. times" reporting that two new people are under arrest in connection to a brute's attack on a giants' fan outside of dodger stadium. the paper says the man they already had in custody may be the wrong guy. the pentagon is expected to announce later today that it's set to clarify or certify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. a full repeal would then take place in 60 days. it's just 11 days left to raise the debt ceiling. today the senate is expected to vote on the cut, cap and balance plan. it is not expected to pass. president obama is pushing a different plan calling for immediate spending cuts followed by revenue increases in 2013.
4:45 am
and a quick check on the markets now. u.s. stock features are quickly losing ground this morning trading pretty flat at the moment. they were up earlier riding gains from yesterday, but uncertainty is running high on the debt ceiling talks in washington. investors feeling cautious going into today's trading session. we'll follow that for you. meantime two former "news of the world" executives are disputing what james murdoch told parliament tuesday. murdoch said back in 2008 he thought phone hacking by the tabloids was done by a single rogue reporterer. two former editors say they told murdoch about an e-mail proving the hacking was widespread. the younger murdoch may be called back to parliament for more questioning. and wanting to interview jude law. the actor is suing news corp. he claims news corp. hacked his cell phone while at jfk airport. if that's true it could lead to
4:46 am
lawmakers getting involved. and tickets involved for the buckingham palace exhibit which opens tomorrow and includes the alexander mcqueen gown. you're caught up on the headlines. "american morning" is back after the break.
4:47 am
all right. washington, d.c., 86 degrees and fair nap doesn't tell the whole story. does it, kiran? >> nope. >> it's 96, feels like 96. going up to 104. what's it going to feel like? >> 120 degrees. ah. for people with no air
4:48 am
conditioning, get to a cooling center or a mall. make sure you hydrate. it is treacherous out there. one of the stars of the super bowl, the little kid who played the mini darth vader in the volkswagen commercial. you remember. here's a look. ♪ ♪ >> all right. the boy behind the mask, just 6 years old, already gone through most people do in their lives. dr. sanjay gupta spent the day with him out in l.a. a cnn exclusive. that kid is too cute. >> reporter: crazy cute. you're about to actually see him. i'll introduce new a second. one thing you probably wanted to
4:49 am
know is he actually was born with a con gentle heart defect. eight major operations harks a pacemaker in place now. he and his family believe that children's hospital's taking care of his health. they're on the cutting block. medicaid, providing care to tens of millions of kids, the kind of care max needs. he's headed to capitol hill to lobby for these programs. we had a chance to catch up with him in l.a. take a look. on behalf of all those kids, max is headed to the nation's capital to put his force behind the association of children's hospitals. what's the value of a place like this? >> when max was 3 year's old they operated on his heart, the size of a walnut. mine is the size of an orange. we were seeking out a surgeon who would operate on a heart of size of a walnut.
4:50 am
>> reporter: do you think of that as as reflection what he's didn't through? >> absolutely. a lot of his acting is because he was trained here. there's lights, cameras, organized chaos, and everyone barking out orders and this little thing looking up. >> reporter: what happens when you put put on the -- >> helmet? i get is force. i'm kidding! i mean, i just like to put it on. >> reporter: do you feel different when you put the helmet on? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: like how do you feel? >> i feel like happy and like cool. >> reporter: so you got the hematoma anywhere around here? >> like. >> reporter: right there! >> here you go! >> reporter: max was our home entertainment since we couldn't go out and about and do the mommy and me play dates. when the doctor finally said he can go around be around other children. >> i hate -- >> reporter: then we got him involved in the little itty-bitty broadway program locally. >> reporter: you were 3 years
4:51 am
old? >> yeah. it was 4 to 8-year-olds. but i think because i was so talented. anyways. >> reporter: and modest! do you know what i mean by that? >> i have no idea what modest means. >> reporter: which might come in handy when he goes to battle the dark side in washington. how he puts it. he will be meeting with both sides of the aisle. he is not testifying but he is going to lobby on behalf of these children's hospitals and trying to prevent some of these medicaid cuts. >> he's a good voice because he is adorable and he is showing that you can have a very serious medical problem and still live, you know, a full life and be, you know, and follow your dreams. >> no question about it. you know, what they pointed out to me, you know, he got care at children's hospital in los angeles. there are only 56 dedicated children's hospitals in the country. they are often the only type of institutions that can provide
4:52 am
the type of care that he needed. without them, it's very hard for him to get the specialized cardiac care. they train about 40% of the pediatricians and pediatric specialists. those hospitals go away, you're going to start losing a lot of these doctors dedicated to kids. this is an issue that sometimes gets lost in all of these talks about budget cuts but these are some of the real specifics of it. >> that's a good story. sanjay, thanks very much and good to see you. you can see the rest of his report on minidarth vader max page on this weekend. washington feels the force saturday and sunday at 6:7:30 he on cnn. >> the heat index feels like temperature is soaring well past a hundred degrees in many parts of the northeast. we want to know how do you stay cool when you're not in the air-conditioning? here are some of your responses. elizabeth, i'm a letter carrier. you know how hard that is because you're out there all day. when the tiny desk fan in my truck isn't doing the job i've
4:53 am
been known to run around in your sprinkler on your front lawn. >> you're allowed to do that. shelley puts her bas inside her fridge. now that's creative. >> ali says besides drinking water to the point of sprouting gils, stock up on otter pops and ice cream. >> drink water or gatorade and look for shade and keep pouring cold water over your head says paul like boxers do. >> good advice. top stories coming up after the break and we will sit down with golfer phil mickelson. he joins us live as well. all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein.
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4:57 am
welcome back to "american morning." the state of florida raked in $63 million last year by selling the personal information of drivers who registered with the dmv. no one knew about. get this, it is all perfectly legal. that means names, addresses, dates of birth, type of vehicle you drive is being sold to data personal companies as long as they promise not to harass anyone. state officials insuring drivers their license plate and social security numbers are not being shared. >> honestly, pretty shocking. that's not something that i think the government should be doing or the dmv. it's definitely a violation of privacy. >> under the law, the only people who can stop the state of florida from selling their personal dmv information are judges and police officers. another story making headlines morning. he was one of the few people who today by tiger woods during his sex scandal.
4:58 am
now his former caddie is letting it all out after he was fired earlier this week. steve williams didn't go into why he was fired but he didn't hold back about how he felt about that decision. >> i'm extremely disappointed. you know, given the fact that the last 80 months has been a particularly difficult time for tiger, obviously, working through a scandal, a new coach, a swing change and the last 80 months have been difficult and i've struck by him through thick and thin and been incredibly loyal and then to have this happen. basically, you've could say i've wasted the last two years of my life. >> steve williams took a fill-in job while woods was sidelined by injury. >> golf legend phil mickelson will join us live on this m "american morning" and he is coming up in a little while. good morning. it's friday, july the 22nd.
4:59 am
christine romans is off today. >> we are glad you're with us this morning. it will be intensely hot again across huge portions of the country today. the deadly heat wave that started in the midwest, spread east. this is a live look at soupy new york city. a high of 101 today. it will feel like 115 degrees. >> the national weather service says 55 places set all-time highs on wednesday. it's been unrelenting since then. triple digit temperatures are expected again across the mid-atlantic, up and down the east coast and into the ohio valley. >> utility companies are begging people to conserve. they are warning of the potential of rolling blackouts as people crank the ac. in new york, the power company said that store owners who leave their doors open could be fined. >> susan candiotti is sweating it out and across the road for us in central live. a lot of activity going on there despite the heat that will make it feel like 115 degrees here in
5:00 am
new york. >> we are in the throes of rush hour so the traffic is at full tilt and a lot of people cutting through central park on their way to work or going out for usual walks and runs. you see a group out today for an event for model heidi clum who is promoting i talked to her about her concerns about a run through central park and how she is going to stay cool and make sure the others stay cool and don't get sick. here is what she said. >> you have to drink a lot of water. it definitely is hot. you have to listen to your body. you know? everyone when you run or when you exercise, you should never overdo it. you have to listen to yourself and see how much i can handle, how much you can do. you know? don't overdo it. but it's definitely good to move around and just in general. >> reporter: a lot of people very jealous about how good you can look even in this incredible heat and humidity.
5:01 am
what is the secret? your hair is long enough to pull back. what do you tell other people to do? >> you just got to go with the flow. what are you going to do? it's hot! >> reporter: that's right. go with the flow. she is and just finished a run and i'm sure she barely broke a sweat. anyway, it is a serious issue. the possibility of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and that is why the city has opened up about 200 centers around where people can cool off if they want to during the day, including libraries as an example. i also talked to a couple of other people will who are through the park this morning, about how they plan to stay cool and why they are still out here running. i see you're walking. why aren't you jogging? >> it's too hot to jog. it's way too hot. why would you run around in this heat? it doesn't make a damn bit of sense. i can't say damn, can i. >> reporter: most people wouldn't be able to stand up to this hot weather and jogging.
5:02 am
>> i love it. >> reporter: how do you keep yourself cool? >> i have a bottle of water. >> reporter: heidi klum is stooping down. how tall are you? >> i'm 5'9". >> reporter: a bit taller than me. how did the run go? >> he is so fast. i thought he was going to do a slow little jog but he was fast so i didn't want to be lame so i kept up with him but, boy, it is hot. for everyone running today, you have to keep it easy and drink a lot of water. >> reporter: you don't look hot at home. >> no. i'm wet. >> reporter: time to cool off today. >> thank you. hi, ali! >> she was a trooper. >> earlier you were talking to people said i'm going to do this run with heidi and tim armstrong and heidi from aol. i didn't know it was those two. i'm sure they can't hear but pass on them i think it's ridiculous to be doing a run in this weather. >> i think they couldn't back
5:03 am
down. a pride thing. >> very little that pride would stand in me not doing in a hundred and some odd degrees. >> candy, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. reenenactment. it's the 150th anniversary yesterday of the bull run. they use authentic uniforms and it felt like 113 degrees there yesterday. historians may have been around 180 degrees during the actual battle 150 years ago. >> interesting how they figure that stuff out. go see a movie. we have ac and who cares what is playing at one of these movie theaters billboards. >> our producer has seen three movies. >> i'm taking the kids to see winnie the pooh this afternoon. what are you going to do? they will go crazy.
5:04 am
>> rob, we're not making this stuff up. it is everywhere. anywhere that is not hot? >> you go to san francisco, l.a. and 70s. they love it this time of year out there. this time of year in the central part of the country you can get heat wave, we saw that and beginning to shift to the south and east. still in places like kansas city and st. louis and chicago today, heat indices up over a hundred degrees easily and things will cool down a little bit tomorrow. two days left in this thing for the folks around the east coast, i-95 corridor from boston down to, say, charleston and hilton head, we will see the bulk of the heat today. it is dangerous. as a matter of fact it is the mum one cause of fatalities when related to weather. more than hurricanes and more than tornadoes and flooding. take it seriously and keep appear eye out for your neighbors if they are elderly or ill. this is what it is right now. as far as the heat index what it feels like in new york city 96
5:05 am
degrees right now at 8:00. feels like 100 in atlantic city. currently feels like it's 100 degrees in baltimore. so you can just imagine how hot it's going to get later on today. we expect it to be at least 102 in new york and at least 104 throughout the day in washington, d.c. but look how things shift to the east as we go through tomorrow. cooler in chicago but still steamy from d.c. up through new york. we won't see the heat break until we get into sunday and eventually into monday with some rainfall with this. record high temperatures yesterday 106 in ft. smith, arkansas. elmira, 104. newark, 03 and detroit 100. they are measured in this box. if you're out in the direct sunlight it's going to feel hotter than even that 110 to 120-degree heat index. . so keep that in mind when you're out there. the heat and humidity for the most part across the south will continue.
5:06 am
there you go. pacific northwest. seattle, portland, back through san diego, that's where it's cool. >> tell me what the weather is like in toronto. >> they broke a record yesterday. i can't remember what it was. >> atlanta, philly, toronto. you need to go to the west coast. can you tell my friends how crazy they are in case they are watching? they want us to play a tennis match today. >> that would be a no. >> inside? >> no, outside! >> come on. it's not like you guys are going to play six sets! >> bye, rob! nice talking to you. check in with you later. the agony of the heat. we want to know how you stay cool when you're not in air-conditioni air-conditioning. everybody says i'm in my air-conditioning office and house. that's not what we are asking. a lot of the electricity companies across the country could have brownouts or blackouts, who knows. tels check out this video. it's gone viral from australia. this man says -- he films
5:07 am
this -- videotapes his dogs all the time and they swim where the sharks are. one of the dogs dives under the water and bites the shark. you'll see it again here. apparently, it was enough to scare the sharks awas he but i saw a similar video. the dog literally dove in the water and bit the shark. i don't know if it was from another angle. there they are. not bothered in the least. what are they? lab rah drorrador labradors? >> yeah. i guess. >> white is a longtime animal activist and she swam with beethov beethoven. they decided to name their mascot betty because they love betty white. >> this is new at cnn. watch streaming video on your portable device any time. here is my ipad. i click on the cnn ipad app and
5:08 am
go to live tv right up here. >> yeah. >> and then click on the show that is live right now p.m. you can do it with hln if you want to. they are both available. >> here are the dog-biting sharks. shark-biting dogs. >> there it is. you can watch hnl live as well. you can also do it through the cnn app through either the ipad or ipod. it is available, i think, 50 million different cable subscribers can get it. check on your website to see if your website is one of them. >> still ahead, weekend about to start but not so for our congressional leaders. we are getting word a deal is starting to take shape so what does it look like? talk about that on the other side. did you hear about the 77-year-old congressman from iowa who wrestled a man who broke into his iowa farmhouse
5:09 am
and trying to save his daughter. this was an armed gunman who was pointing a gun to his daughter's head. we will speak with the congressman coming up. did you know that phil mickelson is a self-described math and science geek? he said it made him the champion golfer he is today and we will talk about tiger's ex-caddie getting fired. 9 minutes after the hour. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
5:10 am
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5:12 am
♪ burning you up ready or not ♪ ♪ some like it hot >> excellent choice by our deejay, some like it hot. washington is hot. feels like 98 with the heat index. later it's going to get up to 104 and the heat index will take it up to 120 degrees. good day to stay inside and get some work done. another republican is jumping into the presidential race. buddy romer announced his kaenssy yesterday.
5:13 am
he announced he will no take any money from political action committees and not accept donations more than a hundred dollars. more than 11 contenders in the 2012 presidential race on the gop side. 14% of republicans pick rick perry as their first choice putting him two points behind mitt romney. 12% pick congresswoman michele bachmann. it shows you how tight that race is looking right now. john edward will have to pay back more than $2 million in federal matching funds that were given to his campaign in twa200. edwards campaign committee has the money on hand to pay back the government but edwards could appeal that decision. now this is in addition to the charges that he misused campaign funds for an central marital
5:14 am
affair. the pentagon is expected to certify it's ready to accept openly gay service members. it is required for a full repeal of the don't ask don't tell policy. once president obama endorses it, the gay ban will be history in 60 days. to cut $3 trillion from the federal deficit is beginning to take shape it seems. president obama tried selling the plan to democrats yesterday. and house speaker john boehner is going to be meeting with republicans to talk about it today. >> join ug is ron brownstein. good to see you, ron. thank you for being with us this morning. we need to start with your handicapping. we are asking everybody who follows this closely your handicapping of where we are. 11 days away from the debt ceiling. earlier we talked to jay powell who has been talking to congressional leaders. he says most congressional leaders get it, that missing this debt ceiling is not a good idea. >> i think the pressure on them
5:15 am
to do something to avoid default is enormously ratcheting up. the u.s. chamber of commerce yesterday trying to elect the republican majority in the house saying a default would be, quote, catastrophic. once you have that kind of pressure, i think something has to come out of this even though there has been, you know, a significant number of house republicans said said it would not be that big a deal. also at the same time you're doing that if you could craft a long-term solution to the federal deficit and debt is something else. but the impulse of the president has been, i think, for quite a while now a big deal is easier to get than a small deal so he still is in there pushing and, obviously, john boehner is still in there as well. >> this is interesting, though. both bases are upset about this. according to reports, democrats are very outraged over a word that trickled out that perhaps the president would be cutting programs for the poor without getting the same in tax concessions from the rich. is the president willing to
5:16 am
override those concerns? it's obvious he is in a tough spot because a lot of national democrats out there hammering him over making this deal. >> the short answer i think, is yes, actually. i think the president is probably willing to go quite a bit further than say boehner and cantor can go in challenging the base of his own party. i think the white house understands and has understood for a while that any deal that can pass the house has to be probably tilted farther to the right that a lot of democrats aren't going to like it. another question if you get to the debt issue whether there is any combination that can work. think of the hurdles it has to pass. pass the house and win a majority of house republicans or boehner won't bring it to the floor and win 60 votes in the senate. that is a very complicated set of circumstances of needles to pass through. >> in the absence of everybody who needs to be involved sitting down and having,, you know, detailed discusses about it, this often happens in washington is three sort of nebulous plans.
5:17 am
one is the gang of six plans. one of them is the mcconnell-reid plan calling the fallback position and this plan that president obama may be working out with speaker boehner. you want to handicap them for us? >> yeah. well, look. i think, you know, the basic template -- do we raise the debt ceiling and create a long-term solution to the deficit. on the latter problem, which the republicans have succeeded in forcing on to the agenda and they deserve credit from their point of view they have made this part of the discussion to raise the debt ceiling to an extent is never has been before. on dealing with the long-term deficit they set a 3-1 roughly of spending to tax reduction. that is what the gang of six has come up with. it's not clear exactly what the boehner -obama process is. what democrats don't like is the front end, the spending cuts are more clear and locked in. >> right. >> than the tax increases and for that matter many of the
5:18 am
entitlement changes. the white house says any process will unfold over time. no one wants to raise taxes in the midst of this continued slow down. the question is can you create an enforcement mechanism that sets goals and requires congress to raise the revenue and further on entitlements even if you don't specify the details between now and august 2nd which seems pretty unlikely. >> i want to show you this poll. it's interesting to see how this independents who in 2010 were key to getting the gop majority in the house. but look how they are shifting away, it appears. this is the new cnn/roc pole. 65% of independents support a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. when you dig deeper in this polling not a lot of support for just cutting spending. how concerned should republicans be by that? >> they should be concerned. i mean, i think -- look. what we have seen in the last several cycles each party once they come into power have been pulled in a way towards the
5:19 am
demands of their base and driven away voters in the middle. you can argue that obama and democrats overreached in 2009 and 2010 in expanding the role of government and combined with a tremendous economic recession and drove away the independents and gave republicans the house. now i think there is clear evidence not only in that polling but earlier in the reaction in the paul ryan plan convert medicare and the republicans are going toor far in the opposite direction and they are envisioning a entrenchment that is attractive to their force but most have not signed on for. another example the public is clear they want the two sides to show some flexibility and reach an agreement but not the view of the republican base and the republican base is a loud force and threatening primary challenges now if they give too much to democrats. >> 230 members of congress and 40 senators have signed that americans for tax reform pledge saying they will not raise taxes
5:20 am
at all. that is hamstringing a lot of them from getting into negotiations. >> even though taxes this year as a share of the economy, federal rough knew the lowest level it's been since 1950 which is not only before medicare and medicaid but before the interstate highway system. >> ron, great conversation. >> thank you. >> sheds a lot of light on a complex issue. like it's more understandable to people. folks are understanding this is just not an easily solvable problem. nevada owners taking a first step to end the lockout. they approved a deal last night but the players refuse to vote on it yet. the commissioner says everyone is ready for some football. >> hopefully, we can all work quickly, expeditiously and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. that is what everybody here wants to do. >> the league also announced lockout forced it to cancel
5:21 am
first preseason game which is the hall of fame game that was set for august 7th. how much money did american taxpayers lose in the chrysler bailout? we are watching your money. >> later on, we will talk to congressman leonard boswell who helped fight off an invader at his farmhouse last weekend. now two arrests in the case. 21 minutes past the hour. ♪ let me entertain you
5:22 am
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5:24 am
24 minutes after the hour. u.s. taxpayers likely lost 1.3 billion dollars in the bailout of chrysler. the treasury department said it sold its remaining stake to fiat for more than $500,000 and marks
5:25 am
the end of the 2009 bailout part of the troubled asset relief program or t.a.r.p. investor feeling cautious in today's trading session. uncertainty raising high over the debt ceiling talks in washington. stocks trading flat and lost a lot of ground since earlier this morning. part of the downward movement part of caterpillar reporting it missed expectations. investors sorting through earnings for mcdonald's and honeywell and verizon and general electric. up next, shocking claims overnight. rupert murdoch's son accused of given, quote, mistaken evidence to parliament. we're live in london back after the break. oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance.
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5:29 am
appear before parliament again. new two former "news of the world" executives have come forward to contradict what james murdoch told the parliament on tuesday. >> atika shubert joins us live from london. tell us about it. >> reporter: this e-mail is key because remember at the time that this first broke, james murdoch, "news of the world" basically said it's an isolated case, one private investigator and one reporter. this e-mail had the name of another reporter on it and showed that this went far beyond that one isolated case. now, james murdoch testified to members of parliament that he did not know about this e-mail when he agreed to a massive payout to a phone-hacking victim, more than a million dollar payout. now what his exlawyer and the former editor of "news of the world" are saying, no, he did know about that e-mail which indicates that james murdoch
5:30 am
knew that this was not an isolated case when he authorized that massive payment. so some people are suggesting that perhaps this is evidence of a wired cover-up. now james murdoch has said he stands by his testimony that he made to parliament but as you can imagine, committee members are not happy. they want an explanation for the conflicting stories here. and one actual parliament member has said that he is asking for the suspension of not only james murdoch, but rupert murdoch by nonexecutive directors at news corp. >> in addition to that, there is this other question about whether some of this is going to spill over to the united states. we are hearing the fbi wants to get in touch with actor jude law regarding alleged hacking, at least those with the claims that jude law is making. >> reporter: that's right. what jude law is saying that when he got off the plane at jfk airport in new york, basically -- one of news international ab lloydtabloids to hack into his phone and find
5:31 am
out information. because he is claiming that happened in the u.s., this comes under the jurisdiction of the fbi and this is one of the things they are investigating and, obviously, expand is dramatically is not just to the uk but to the united states. >> atika, you got an update on the pie-thrower. the guy who got cut off at the pass but got a little bit of shaving foam on rupert murdoch. what is the latest with him? >> also known as johnny marbles, he is a stand-up comic and thought it would be funny. he is charged with public order and he is appearing in court today. we don't know what is going to happen with that but it is a public order offense so not something too dramatic but you can pretty much expect more on this later on. >> thanks very much and keep on checking in with you. atika shubert along with our team covering the ongoing story in london. record-breaking heat wave claiming is am is two dozen lives across the country. excessive heat watches and warnings from the plains, across the midwest and to the east coast. power companies across the country are warning that they
5:32 am
are overloaded and you could see brownouts or blackouts. new cell phone video of a fiery bus crash in upstate new york. police say a truck collided with a bus carrying more than 50 people on the new york state freeway around 1:30 this morning. the driver of the truck killed. 15 passengers on board the bus were taken to nearby hospitals. u.s. soldier was in a car behind the accident troopers say he helped pull passengers out of the burning bus. today, the senate is expected to vote against the republican cut, cap, and balance plan. at the same time, president obama is trying to persuade democrats to back a plan that would ways the debt ceiling while cutting $3 trillion in federal deficits the next ten years and boost revenue taxes through 2013. the 77-year-old iowa lawmaker may have been in the battle of his life on saturday night trying to help his family when an arm intruder broke into
5:33 am
his farmhouse and pointed a gun at his daughter demanding cash. two suspects arrested in the case. one in connection with the robbery attempt and the other for driving the get-away car allegedly. representative boswell is in good enough condition to joining us from capitol hill this morning. when we first heard this story, i imagine it must have been terrifying. you actually broke some ribs in all of this? >> the doctor tells me they are fractured. but it was a terrifying moment to have somebody invade your home and attack your loved one, my daughter. i h they had a hand on her throat and gun in her face. proud of her. she fought back and we fought together. my grandson, he was our hero in the family. my wife came on the scene. she was very brave and i'm just proud of my family and glad it turned out as good as it did. >> you were there at the house. apparently the intruder came through an unlocked door and as you said grabbed your daughter.
5:34 am
this could have taken a turn if he had discharged that weapon. >> he grabbed my daughter by the throat and took the gun to her face and took her to the floor. that is the scene i came upon. if he is going to shoot, like any other parent, i want him to shoot' me and not her. we decided to go after it and i went after him and it ended up okay and we are thankful. >> you fell down a flight of stairs as well when you were tussling? >> yeah. tussle is a good word for it. yes, we managed to go down a flight of stairs and went down and came back up actually. as it ended. again, my grandson was cool hand luke. he went and found a shotgun and loaded it and was prepared and, at the right time, that stopped it. >> so if you didn't have that gun, do you think this could have turned out differently? the quick thinking the fact that your grandson was armed brought the situation to a safe conclusion? >> it stopped the situation.
5:35 am
otherwise, without that, we were about to go back at it again because i was trying to figure out how to get ahold of him and continue to protect my family. >> what is even more disturbing it seems is at least the person who has been arrested and now charged in this is david dewberry. turns out your family knows his family. what is the connection there and what was it like to find out that this may have been somebody you guys knew? >> it's very sad. in a situation, there is no winners. my wife said, there's no winners. it's a very sad situation. she befriended the family as a teacher. this david had been out to the farm, was a youngster and so on. and it's a sad situation that has developed this way. we have referred a course that never happened. >> this isn't his first run-in with the law. else did serve time or was convicted in other robberies. do we know what the motive is? what is going on here? >> i do not. i'd have to refer you to the law enforcement people for that. >> what do you want to happen,
5:36 am
if anything, to these two men, the one that drove the get-away car and this other individual, if convicted? >> i want justice to serve. you know? i want the process that we have in this country to take its process and let the justice system work and, hopefully, a lesson will be learned by anybody else that this is a bad thing to do. don't do those kind of things. >> absolutely. then after you go through a trauma like this, i mean, how do you guys recover and get back to life as normal? are you doing anything differently? are you feeling differently a week out from this scare? >> well, our family, even going back to 9/11, we refuse to let somebody else tell us what we can and can't do, as we have exercised our liberties and we will do that in this case. we are will continue to be cautious and lock our doors at night but we hadn't gotten to it that particular night but take cautions and go about our lives and get back to work and move on. >> all right. congressman leonard boswell, it's so great to see you this morning. glad you guys are doing okay and
5:37 am
thanks for joining us to talk about it. >> you're very welcome. again, i'm very proud of my family, my grandson and my daughter and my wife. >> absolutely. >> very brave. and i'm proud of them. >> we are all glad it ended safely. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> what a terrorizing thing. >> i know. >> there are limits. when people come into your own home, he seems -- he and his family pulled it together quite nicely. >> he served in vietnam and at some point his military training kicked in. >> that scares you a great deal. i know a lot of you love golf and like golf but if it isn't your bag, you still need to stick around. phil michelson is in the house. if for no other reason, the segment he is doing is going to involve a raw egg, a broom, a pizza pan, empty toilet paper roll and a glass of water is all i'm going to tell you. >> he is paying attention in science class! >> 38 minutes after the hour. .
5:38 am
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5:40 am
♪ ♪ weird science >> using a 90-degree driver how
5:41 am
far will a golf ball head? kiran? >> no clue but our next guest is hoping all of our kids will be able to do that kind of math when they grow up and why three-time masters champion phil mickelson is here with us today promoting his work with exxonmobil teachers academy. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me, kiran. >> great to see you. how much science is involved in golf? >> i use it all the time. i use it with launch angles and drivers and i use it with putters and for roll and i use it with golf balls especially. i'm dealing with some of the best engineers and technicians in the game of golf on a daily basis to help my golf game. >> right. >> we use it in everyday life and you just don't realize it. what is amazing how jobs today require a much higher level of math and science knowledge. i like to use the example of a mechanic. a mechanic 20 years ago just maybe changed the transmission or changed the oil or things like that whereas, now, they have to have a computer
5:42 am
background to deal with some of the modern day automobiles. so just the basic knowledge of math and science in our school systems needs to improve. >> it's really inverted the number of people who need college degrees with math and science backgrounds in order to do things. your wife refers to you as an astronaut trapped in a golfer's body. you take these groups of 200 teachers in different places a year and you certified them. a math and science teacher are not certified, they are teachers. >> third and fourth grade, teachers have to teach a number of subjects. over 90% of them do not have an accreditation in the math and science field. they don't teach with the same type of inspirations. we want to give the teachers the knowledge base especially in the newton's laws of motion where this is a time where kids are drawn to math or science or they pull away. >> you are fascinated by your physical environment and how things move and why things -- why the ball went a certain way
5:43 am
and you can grapple with that. >> exactly it. we find that inquiry-based learning where you ask questions and form hypothesis and this egg drop demonstration we are going to use here does just that. we give you items and we say how can we make this possible and by using kinetic energy and potential energy and all of these things combined with motion and force and action and reaction we are able to solve the problem. using this learning we are interactive with the kids and find the best way to get them motivated. >> all right. so we are going to show a pretty cool experiment in a second. people would kill us if we didn't ask you about golf. british open, so close. any physics to bogeying a hole? >> on the 11th hole, i was playing some of my best golf and i had a brain freeze. i started looking ahead at some holes i needed to birdie and i froze there for a minute and didn't think properly on a short putt and i ended up missing it and it kind of derailed some of
5:44 am
my momentum. i had a great time there. i feel like i'm on my way back. i feel like a great stepping stone even though didn't get the "w" but big tournaments. i'm looking forward to playing in the new york/new jersey area in barclays. >> you won the masters in 2010. you said i haven't played the way i wanted to play the last year. but you won the masters! >> but week in and week out, i haven't played to the level i expect to. >> tell us about -- i'm not asking you to weigh into the tiger woods stuff but this split-up with his caddie what is -- >> i've been on tour 19 years and every year with the same guy, bones. he is one of the most impressive individuals i've ever been around. so our relationship, you know, transcends just the player/caddie relationship on the golf course. we are close friends and spend a lot of time together and understand each other. it's an important relationship. >> is that the case for many
5:45 am
golfers? not somebody who carries your bags for you and hands you your clubs. it's a different relationship. why is that? >> i think it's important. if you're enjoying your time on the golf course and you enjoy the time you have with that person you're spending and sharing this adventure, if you will, this challenge, this competition, and if you're enjoying it, you're going to play better. i think that is an important element. certainly tiger and stevie have had an incredible relationship for 12 years because he's had some incredible success. >> let's do this experiment. let's take a look at this. nicole martin is an elementary science specialist for the alabama math, science and technology initiative. i have no idea what is going on over here. you have a broom, an egg, a roll of toilet paper, you got a tray, a glass of water. >> absolutely. i think we need to get these on. >> do we? >> absolutely. >> what are we doing here? are we doing a little experiment here on velocity? >> we are getting ready for the experience that we call and drop. this is one that we use on the
5:46 am
very first morning of our academy. it's designed to do exactly what phil said to have teachers come in. >> right. >> to develop some interest in what is going on. >> okay. >> to develop hypothesis and to begin to start to think about how we can get that egg into that glass. >> without breaking it? >> without breaking the egg using only the force of the broom. >> lift it and you put it in the glass. >> one thing we allow teachers to do is spend some time thinking and problem solving and we got a lot of different ideas about ways that you can do this. >> okay. let me think. is there a hole? >> i was going to say -- she is wondering is there a hole? look, we can take a peek. no, no hole. no hole. >> what is your guess? >> somehow remove that? >> that is the trick. do i have to get this out? is that the point? >> well, i don't know. >> broom? >> do you think that might be a good way for us to get it out? >> i think if i get the plate
5:47 am
out the egg will drop and splattered egg on the set and my boss will be mad at me. >> you have jumped into newton's first law that tells us objects tend to do what they have been doing unless acted upon by a force. the force we are going to use is this broom. >> over here. >> we are going to pull it back. >> can you get this? >> i don't think they will be able to get that. it's too far over. the point is she is about to spring that broom on that thing. >> i am about to release some potential energy. >> does our cameraman have to worry about anything? >> no, he is going to be fine. >> let's get in tight. >> i want you guys to count it for me. 1, 2, 3! >> wow! >> we thought this was never going to work. she did it in on the first try! >> you just -- >> it is fun. >> it's not broken. >> i can feel it. it is raw. >> it is raw. from this, we get so many
5:48 am
questions. and this is what we want to teach teachers to do so that they go back with their students and they provide opportunities for questioning and problem solving which are going to span all of the continent areas, not just science and math. there is going to be a benefit that exponential. >> did you go through this program? >> i have listened to the teachers. what this has done is it makes me think differently and makes me think outside the box. i have gone back to my technician and redirected some of the questions i've had and seen if we have been able to come up with solutions elsewhere and led to some efficient lugs in golf clubs and golf balls. >> that is fantastic and great. >> i'm reinterested in science. i was anyway. nicole martin, thank you so much. she is an elementary emergency specialist and, phil mickelson, great to see you. >> good luck, phil. >> thanks, kiran. >> once we get over there, we will come back and give you our
5:49 am
morning headlines next. 48 minutes after the hour. .
5:50 am
record breaking heat wave now claiming as many as two dozen lives across the country. power companies warning they may be pushed to the limit as people run their air-conditioning trying to stay cool. nfl owners proving a new labor deal but the lockout
5:51 am
continues as players have not yet signed this deal. the first preseason game has now been canceled. the pentagon is expected to announce later today that it is getting set to certify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. a full repeal would take place in 60 days. 11 days to raise the debt ceiling. today the senate is expected to vote on the cut, cap, and balance plan. it's not expected to pass, but president obama is pushing a different plan calling for immediate spending cuts, followed by revenue increases in 2013 anterior investors feeling cautious going into today's trading session. a lot of movement in the u.s. stock futures this morning. u.s. stock futures pushing lower ahead of the opening bell because of the uncertainty of the debt ceiling talks in washington. two former "news of the world" editors disputing what james murdoch told parliament on tuesday. murdoch said in 2008 he thought the phone hacking at the tabloid was the work of a single rogue reporter. but the ex-editors insist they,
5:52 am
themselves, told murdoch about an e-mail that proved the hacking was more widespread. the younger murdoch may be called back to parliament for more questioning. the fbi reportedly planning to get in touch with jude law. the actor is suing rupert murdoch's media empire claiming the "news of the world" tabloid hacked his voice mail in three while he was at the tijfk. if that is true, federal investigators could step into the case. the duchess wedding gown is going on display. 25,000 advanced tickets were purchased for the exhibit which opens tomorrow and includes that famous alexander mcqueen gown. you're caught up on today's headlines. "american morning" will be back after the break.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
i was just really crushed. i came bali to run a clinic. we offer prenatal care, birth services. no matter how poor they are, no matter their race or religion, we teach new graduating classes of midwives how to do a more natural, gentle birth. the women can stay as long as they want. >> robin helps poor people. she cares about me very much like my own mother. i'm extremely grateful. >> each baby, each adult deserves a clean, healthy, loving environment. those are our human right. -having her is amazing. -we made a miracle.
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♪ good day sunshine good day sunshine ♪ >> i'm about to escape this heat in new york. sunny and feels like 91 right now. not even 9:00 in the morning. >> if you can stay in the ac today, this is the day to do it. boy. try to stay cool. >> question of the day. the heat soaring well past a hundred degrees in the northeast we want to know how you stay cool when you're not in the air-conditioning. here are some of your responses. jacob says this. >> the first minute must be horrific when you put frozen clothes on yourself! >> i'd say keep your boxers out of the freezer! >> i like kim on facebook. make a light lunch and cook dinner early and make

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